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Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
Print ISSN:  2042-4868
Online ISSN:  2042-4876
Frequency:  12
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    Current Issue
2015  (Vol. 9, Issue: 3)
Study on the Relationship between Egg O2 Respiration and Eggshell Ultra Structure

Wang Qiaohua, Zhang Tao, Ma Meihu and Li Xiaoming
Corresponding Author:   Ma Meihu
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Effects of Tea Polyphenols on the Quality and Shelf Life of Shrimp during Cold Storage

Zhuanzhuan Zhang, Wangsong Shang and Xianjun Dai
Corresponding Author:   Xianjun Dai
Abstract PDF HTML

Analysis on Nutrients Change of Fresh Ginger after Storage

Xingcui Wang, Bili Cao, Qiqin Xue, Yong-guang Liu and Ning Qiao
Corresponding Author:   Xingcui Wang
Abstract PDF HTML

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Applied in Wine Quality Evaluation

Jieling Zou, Yin Luo, Hui Zou, Qi Xiu and Junyan Tan
Corresponding Author:   Hui Zou
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Different Cooking Methods on Improving Total Antioxidant Activity in Selected Vegetables

Wei-Hua Xie, Yu-Wei Luo, Zhen-Ping Hao and Jing Li
Corresponding Author:   Yu-Wei Luo
Abstract PDF HTML

Exploration of English Idioms about Fruit and the Frequent Usage in Different Language Culture

Guilan Jiao
Corresponding Author:   Guilan Jiao
Abstract PDF HTML

Consumer Behavior Analysis of Green Food

Chao Luo, Guangrong Tong, Yang Pan and Sha Yang
Corresponding Author:   Guangrong Tong
Abstract PDF HTML

Technology Advances and Mechanistic Modelling in Freeze-drying and Dehydration of Food

Wanren Chen, Xiang Gui and Hua Li
Corresponding Author:   Hua Li
Abstract PDF HTML

Establishment and Analysis of the Sales Model of Fresh Agriculture Food Based on Business to Business E-commerce Platform

Xuehui Jiang
Corresponding Author:   Xuehui Jiang
Abstract PDF HTML

Study on Processing Technology and a Complex Stabilizer for Peanut Protein Beverage

Xihong Zhao, Junliang Zhong, Daxin Li, Ying Yang and Zhenbo Xu
Corresponding Author:   Zhenbo Xu
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimization Extracting Technology of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr. Saponins by Ultrasonic and Determination of Saponins Content in Samples with Different Source

Xiaoli Wang, Qingwei Wei, Xinqiang Zhu, Chunmei Wang, Yonggang Wang, Peng Lin and Lin Yang
Corresponding Author:   Xiaoli Wang
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimization of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Tannin from Cynomorium songaricum

Xiaoli Wang, Yanjun Jing, Xinqiang Zhu, Chunmei Wang, Yonggang Wang, Peng Lin and Lin Yang
Corresponding Author:   Xiaoli Wang
Abstract PDF HTML

Propagation Modeling of Food Safety Crisis Information Update Based on the Multi-agent System

Meihong Wu, Jingfei Yang and Zhiling Hong
Corresponding Author:   Zhiling Hong
Abstract PDF HTML

Floral Biology of Chinese Jujube (Ziziphus jujube Mill.) I: The Formation of Microspores and Development of Male Gametes

Feng Zou, Jing-Hua Duan, De-Yi Yuan, Lin Zhang, Xiao-Feng Tan and Huan Xiong
Corresponding Author:   De-Yi Yuan
Abstract PDF HTML

The Preparation of Bioimprinted Whole-cell Biocatalyst and Its Application in Bioconversion of Biodiesel

Meiling Chen, Qingqing Li, Hui Ruan and Guoqing He
Corresponding Author:   Guoqing He
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ISSN (Online):  2042-4876
ISSN (Print):   2042-4868
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