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Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
Print ISSN:  2042-4868
Online ISSN:  2042-4876
Frequency:  12
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    Current Issue
2014  (Vol. 6, Issue: 5)
Emitter Design and Numerical Simulation Based on the Extenics Theory

Jiang Fan, Ou Jiajie, Wang Yijun and Xiao Zhongmin
Corresponding Author:   Jiang Fan
Abstract PDF HTML

Dietary Toxicity Evaluation of Brown Rice Starter Red Kojic Rice Wine

Ping Yang, Qiao Jia, Zhong Li Jiang and Zhi Gang Xiao
Corresponding Author:   Zhong Li Jiang
Abstract PDF HTML

Infection Trace of Pine Wilt Disease Based on Terahertz Spectroscopic Technology

Ling Jiang, Chun Li, Lin Huang, Zhenwei Zhang, Cunlin Zhang and Yunfei Liu
Corresponding Author:   Yunfei Liu
Abstract PDF HTML

The Building of Indicators of Forest Farmís Sustainable Development Based on Entropy-AHP

Sun Yongpeng, Hu Hao, Wang Meiqing, Xu Ping and Wei Xin
Corresponding Author:   Wei Xin
Abstract PDF HTML

Inventory and Characterization of Sardine (Sardinella Sp.) Oil from Java Island-Indonesia

Sugeng Heri Suseno, Jeny Ernawati Tambunan, Bustami Ibrahim and Saraswati
Corresponding Author:   Sugeng Heri Suseno
Abstract PDF HTML

A New Algorithm for Demand Prediction of Fresh Agricultural Product Supply Chain

Xinwu Li
Corresponding Author:   Xinwu Li
Abstract PDF HTML

Research on Supply Chain Performance Evaluation of Fresh Agriculture Products Based on BP Neural Network

Hankun Ye
Corresponding Author:   Hankun Ye
Abstract PDF HTML

Effect of Cold Storage and Packing Type on Khalas and Sukkary Dates Quality

S.M. Aleid, A.M. Elansari, Tang Zhen-Xing and A.A. Sallam
Corresponding Author:   S.M. Aleid
Abstract PDF HTML

Improving the Quality of Sardine Oil from Bali-Indonesia Using Passive Filter (Centrifugation)

Sugeng Heri Suseno, Yosephina M.J. Batafor, Nurjanah and Ayu Fitri Izaki
Corresponding Author:   Sugeng Heri Suseno
Abstract PDF HTML

Purification of Sardine Oil Using Adsorbent (Active Filter) of Scallop Shells, Carp Scales and Attapulgite

Sugeng Heri Suseno, Yosephina M.J. Batafor, Nurjanah and Ayu Fitri Izaki
Corresponding Author:   Sugeng Heri Suseno
Abstract PDF HTML

Improving the Quality of Sardine Oil (Sardinella sp.) from Pekalongan-Indonesia Using Centrifugation and Adsorbents (Attapulgite, Bentonite and Zeolite)

Sugeng Heri Suseno, Jeny Ernawati Tambunan, Bustami Ibrahim and Ayu Fitri Izaki
Corresponding Author:   Sugeng Heri Suseno
Abstract PDF HTML

Application of TLC in the Screening of Acarbose-producing Actinomycetes

Fei Ren, Long Chen and Qunyi Tong
Corresponding Author:   Qunyi Tong
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Water and Fertilizer Coupling on the Yield and Quality of Drip Irrigated Chinese Jujube in an Extreme Arid Region

Zhenhua Wang, Ning Li and Lishuang Quan
Corresponding Author:   Ning Li
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimization of Combined Pulsed Electric Fields and Mild Temperature Processing Conditions for Red Apple Juice Polyphenol Oxidase and Peroxidase Inactivation

Wendy Katiyo, Ruijin Yang, Wei Zhao, Xiao Hua and Mohammed Abdalbasit Ahmed Gasmalla
Corresponding Author:   Ruijin Yang
Abstract PDF HTML

Multi-response Optimization of Pectinase Processing Conditions on Blueberry Juice Extraction by Desirability Function Methodology

Xueling Gao, Na Li, Jia Liu and Pengxiang Yue
Corresponding Author:   Pengxiang Yue
Abstract PDF HTML

Effect of Heat Moisture Treatment on Functional Properties and Microstuctural Profiles of Sweet Potato Flour

Widya Dwi Rukmi Putri, Elok Zubaidah and Dian Widya Ningtyas
Corresponding Author:   W.D.R. Putri
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of L-Arginine on Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Pork Sausage

Cunliu Zhou, Jun Li, Shengjiang Tan and Gaojun Sun
Corresponding Author:   Cunliu Zhou
Abstract PDF HTML

Antioxidant Properties, Degradation Kinetics and Storage Stability of Drinks Prepared From the Cooking Water of Pigmented Rice

Adyati Putriekasari Handayani, Yogeshini Ramakrishnan, Roselina Karim and Kharidah Muhammad
Corresponding Author:   Kharidah Muhammad
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimized Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Flavonoids from Osmanthus fragrans Lour. Residues

Wei Wu, Xin Yu, Yun Zhang and Bingcun Cui
Corresponding Author:   Wei Wu, School of Medicine
Abstract PDF HTML

The Microwave Concentrator Design and Study on Concentrating Apple Juice

Geng Yuefeng and Ge Xinfeng
Corresponding Author:   Ge Xinfeng
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Irrigation on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Wheat under Drip Irrigation

Zhenhua Wang, Guojun Jiang and Xurong Zheng
Corresponding Author:   Xurong Zheng
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Different Nitrogen Forms on the Contents of Chlorophyll and Mineral Elements in Chinese chive Seedlings

Yongdong Sun, Weirong Luo and Huichao Liu
Corresponding Author:   Yongdong Sun
Abstract PDF HTML

Model Formulation of Apple Beverages for Production System in Micro Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs) Using Generalized Structured Component Analysis (GSCA) Method

Siti Asmaul Mustaniroh, Pratikto, Imam Santoso and Surachman
Corresponding Author:   Siti Asmaul Mustaniroh
Abstract PDF HTML

Antioxidant and Antitumor Effect of Different Fractions of Ethyl Acetate Part from Elaeagnus angustifolia L.

Wang Ya, Zhou Shang-Zhen, Zhao Chun-Meng, Guo Tao, Ma Jian-Ping, Zhao Ping and Ran Qiu-xiu
Corresponding Author:   Guo Tao
Abstract PDF HTML

Group Eigenvalue Method for Food Supplier Selection Model with Ordinal Interval Preference Information

Wanzhen Liu
Corresponding Author:   Wanzhen Liu
Abstract PDF HTML

ISSN (Online):  2042-4876
ISSN (Print):   2042-4868
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