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Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
Print ISSN:  2042-4868
Online ISSN:  2042-4876
Frequency:  12
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    Current Issue
2014  (Vol. 6, Issue: 3)
Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitory Effects of Mangosteen Pericarps

Xinjie Lin, Baojun Xu and Liu Rui
Corresponding Author:   Baojun Xu
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Lactogenic Study of the Effect of Ethyl-acetate Fraction of Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn (Malvaceae) Seed on Serum Prolactin Level in Lactating Albino Rats

I.G. Bako, M.S. Abubakar, M.A. Mabrouk and A. Mohammed
Corresponding Author:   I.G. Bako
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Study of Value Assessment Model of Forest Biodiversity Based on the Habitat Area in China

Ying Zhang, Hui Li and Ye Feng
Corresponding Author:   Ying Zhang
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Edible Cyanobacteria (Nostochopsis spp.) from Glass House, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Thailand

Manita Motham, Jeeraporn Pekkoh and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal
Corresponding Author:   Manita Motham
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Oleaginous Character and Profiles in Fatty Acids and in Triacylglycérols of the Seeds of Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. of Congo

Bob Wilfrid Loumouamou, Anicet Frédéric Binaki and Thomas Silou
Corresponding Author:   Bob Wilfrid Loumouamou,
Abstract PDF HTML

Improving the Survival of Arthrobacter sp., CW9 during Spray Drying Monitored by Scan Electric Microscope

Zhenqiang Xia, Ming Zhu and Yanqiu Zhang
Corresponding Author:   Yanqiu Zhang
Abstract PDF HTML

Effect of Callosobruchus maculatus Infestation on the Nutrient-antinutrient Composition, Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant Activities of Some Varieties of Cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata)

Sule Ola Salawu, 1Emmanuel Oluwafemi Ibukun, 1Oladipupo David and 2Bukola Bunmi Ola-Salawu
Corresponding Author:   Sule Ola Salawu
Abstract PDF HTML

The Association of Calcium Intake and Other Risk Factors with Cardiovascular Disease among Obese Adults in USA

Yang Chen, Sheryl Strasser, Katie Callahan, David Blackley, Yan Cao, Liang Wang and Shimin Zheng
Corresponding Author:   Shimin Zheng
Abstract PDF HTML

Phenolic Profile and Antioxidant Capacity of Ten Dry Red Wines from Two Major Wine-producing Regions in China

Feng-mei Zhu, Bin Du, Peng-bao Shi and Feng-ying Li
Corresponding Author:   Feng-mei Zhu
Abstract PDF HTML

Isolation of Phospholipid from Egg Yolk with Ultrasonic Separation Technology

Yu-mei Jia, Xi-chuan Cao and Hong-tao Liu
Corresponding Author:   Xi-chuan Cao
Abstract PDF HTML

Effect of Influent HRT on Pretreatment of Sulfate-Laden Food Wastewater for Desulfurization-Denitrification Process

Wei Li, Jian-Guo Lin, Xiao Liang and Lei Liu
Corresponding Author:   Wei Li
Abstract PDF HTML

The Effects of Different Amounts of Controlled Release Fertilizer on the Root Growth and the Filling Rate in Winter Wheat

Meng Li, Jingtian Yang, Liyuan Yan and Yan Shi
Corresponding Author:   Yan Shi
Abstract PDF HTML

Soil Erosion Research Based on USLE in Great Khinggan

Wei Li, Wenyi Fan and Xuegang Mao
Corresponding Author:   Wenyi Fan
Abstract PDF HTML

Design of Farm Environmental Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things

Jun Jiao, Huimin Ma, Yan Qiao, Yulin Du, Wen Kong and Zhongcheng Wu
Corresponding Author:   Jun Jiao
Abstract PDF HTML

Study on the Rheological Property of Cassava Starch Adhesives

Junjun Liu, Lanzhong Guo, Li Yang, Zhong Liu and Chunxia He
Corresponding Author:   Chunxia He
Abstract PDF HTML

Research on the Capsule of Ganoderma lucidum and Zizhiphi spinozae Improving the Sleep in Mice

Ya-Li Dang, Xue-Qian Wu, Ai-Ying Xie and Zhong-Jian Zhan
Corresponding Author:   Zhong-Jian Zhang
Abstract PDF HTML

Dynamic Simulation of Transpiration and Water Use Efficiency in Apple Tree Canopies

Zhaoquan Gao, Shezhang Feng and Zhiqiang Li
Corresponding Author:   Zhaoquan Gao
Abstract PDF HTML

Study on Virtual Prototype of Two-freedom Mechanism for Potato Harvester Elevator

Huali Yu, Tingting Dong, Yongying Sang and Xiaoshun Zhao
Corresponding Author:   Xiaoshun Zhao
Abstract PDF HTML

The Annular Microwave Dryer Design and Study on Honeysuckle

Geng Yuefeng and Ge Xinfeng
Corresponding Author:   Ge Xinfeng
Abstract PDF HTML

Nutrient Contents and Fatty Acids Profiles of Leaves and Seeds of Croton zambesicus

Muibat Olabisi Bello, Misbaudeen Abdul-Hammed, Abolanle Saheed Adekunle and Oluwabukayo Toluwunmiju Fasogbon
Corresponding Author:   Misbaudeen Abdul-Hammed
Abstract PDF HTML

Drying of Soybean Seeds in Fluidized Bed: Experimental and Scale-up Simulation in Continuous Operation Mode

Suherman Suherman, Slamet Priyanto and Ratnawati
Corresponding Author:   Suherman Suherman
Abstract PDF HTML

Forest Health Assessment in the Jingouling Forest Farm of Changbai Mountain Based on GIS and RS

Ning Yangcui and Zheng Xiaoxian
Corresponding Author:   Ning Yangcui
Abstract PDF HTML

Research and Development of Water Resources Management System Based on GIS

Zhang Hong-Yi and Ke Yun
Corresponding Author:   Zhang Hong-Yi
Abstract PDF HTML

Combined Effect of Monoxide Hemoglobin and Sodium Nitrite on Physicochemical, Microbiological and Sensory Properties of Pork Sausage

Shengjiang Tan, Cunliu Zhou, Zhuo Han, Jun Li and Hao Qin
Corresponding Author:   Cunliu Zhou
Abstract PDF HTML

Research and Development of Statistical Analysis Software System of Maize Seedling Experiment

Hui Cao
Corresponding Author:   Hui Cao
Abstract PDF HTML

ISSN (Online):  2042-4876
ISSN (Print):   2042-4868
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