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2014 (Vol. 6, Issue: 5)
Article Information:

Effect of Cold Storage and Packing Type on Khalas and Sukkary Dates Quality

S.M. Aleid, A.M. Elansari, Tang Zhen-Xing and A.A. Sallam
Corresponding Author:  S.M. Aleid 

Key words:  Cold storage, date, date quality, physicochemical characteristics, , ,
Vol. 6 , (5): 603-608
Submitted Accepted Published
January 13, 2014 January 25, 2014 May 10, 2014

With the introduction of cold storage in date palm cultivation areas, cold storage has been gaining popularity as it allows for dates consumption at any time of the year. In this study, the quality of two date cultivars, ‘‘Khalas’’ and ‘‘Sukkary’’, commonly grown in Saudi Arabia, were studied under cold storage. The chosen storage conditions were 12 months at 5°C. Data of fruit quality were collected at harvest, after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, respectively of storage. Physicochemical characteristics of stored date fruits, such as moisture, Total Soluble Solids (TSS), tannins, pH, water activity, firmness, color, fruit weight, length and width, were measured. The results showed that cold storage and packing type could significantly affect physical and chemical quality of date fruits. Significant differences in fruit length, width and date seed width, were observed. Physical attributes such as fruit weight, length, width and date seed length, were significantly reduced due to storage period. Firmness of date fruits increased with the increase of storage time. There was significant effect of package type on TSS and water activity of Sukkary date. However, packing type had no significant effect on chemical characteristics for Khalas date. Storage time significantly affected moisture content and pH of date fruits. Water activity and pH of date fruits decreased during storage period. Packing type significantly affected color properties of Sukkary date compared with Khalas. Lightness, redness and yellowness showed significant differences during storage period. Lightness and yellowness increased significantly during storage time, while redness decreased significantly at same conditions. Cold storage is capable of being a viable alternative that allows for long term storage of date fruits.
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S.M. Aleid, A.M. Elansari, Tang Zhen-Xing and A.A. Sallam, 2014. Effect of Cold Storage and Packing Type on Khalas and Sukkary Dates Quality.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 6(5): 603-608.
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