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2012 (Vol. 4, Issue: 03)
Distribution and Chemical Speciation of Some Elements in the Ground Waters of Oban Area (South-Eastern Nigeria)

A.S. Ekwere and A. Edet
Corresponding Author:   AZUBUIKE EKWERE
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A Spatio-Temporal Based Estimation of Vegetation Changes in the Tarkwa Mining Area of Ghana

B. Kumi-Boateng, D. Mireku-Gyimah and A.A. Duker
Corresponding Author:   Kumi-Boateng Bernard
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Comparison of Surface and Drip Irrigation Methods Based on the Parametric Evaluation Approach in Terms of FAO Framework in Hendijan Plain

Y.K. Kalkhajeh, H. Amerikhah and A. Landi
Corresponding Author:   Yosef Kianpoor Kalkhajeh
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Heavy Metals in Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Persiformes: Cichlidae), Ictalurus punctanus (Rafinesque, 1818) (Suliriformes: Ictaluridae) and Bottom Sediments from Lagos Lagoon Proximal to Egbin Power Plant, Ijede, Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria

R.A. Olowu, C.T. Onwordi, A.A. Denloye, M.O Osundiya, N.O. Adebayo, M.S. Owolabi, O.O. Tovide, B.A. Moronkola, O.A. Omoyeni and O.R. Ajuwon
Corresponding Author:   Olowu Rasaq Adewale
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Acquisition of Geospatial Database for Primary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

J.O. Sule, H.S. Abdullahi and J. Bungwon
Corresponding Author:   SULE, J.O.
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Application of Geospatial Information System to Assess the Effectiveness of the Mdg Target in Amac Metropolis-Abuja, Nigeria

Y.A. Aliyu, J.O. Sule and T.T. Youngu
Corresponding Author:   SULE, J.O.
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Geological and Geochemical Controls on the Composition of Natural Drainages in Homase Mineral Deposit Environment

Chiri G. Amedjoe, Gordon Foli and Prosper M. Nude
Corresponding Author:   Chiri G. Amedjoe
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Estimation of Corrosion Induced Flaw Sizes on Buried Gas Pipeline in the Nigerian Sector of Niger Delta

U.F. Evans, A.A. Okiwelu, I.A. Ude and J.O. Abima
Corresponding Author:   Anthony Okiwelu
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Imaging and Detecting Underground Contaminants in Landfill Sites Using Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT): A Case Study of Lagos, Southwestern, Nigeria

J.A. Olowofela, O.D. Akinyemi and A.S. Ogungbe
Corresponding Author:   Ogungbe Abiola
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Geological and Geotechnical Assessment of Selected Gully Sites in Wuro Bayare Area NE Nigeria

Gabriel Ike Obiefuna and Jibrin Adamu
Corresponding Author:   Gabriel Ike Obiefuna
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Atmospheric Movement of Bacteria and Fungi in Clouds of Dust in Erbil City, Iraq

Adel Kamal Khider, Jwan Jalal Abdullah and Fareed Matti Toma
Corresponding Author:   Adel Kamal Khider
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Diversity of Halophyte Desert Vegetation of the Different Saline Habitats in the Valley of Oued Righ, Low Sahara Basin, Algeria

Halis Youcef, Benhaddya Mohammed Lamine, Bensaha Hocine, Mayouf Rabah, Lahcini Ali and Belhamra Mohamed
Corresponding Author:   Rabah Mayouf
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Mineralogy and Thermal Behaviour of the Kaolinitic Clay of Loutété (Congo-Brazzaville)

J.M. Moutou, R. Mbedi, A. Elimbi, D. Njopwouo, J. Yvon, O. Barres and H.R. Ntekela
Corresponding Author:   Moutou Joseph-Marie
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Biodegradation of Synthetic Polyesters (BTA and PCL) with Natural Flora in Soil Burial and Pure Cultures under Ambient Temperature

Mona K. Gouda, Azza E. Swellam and Sanaa H. Omar
Corresponding Author:   Mona Khamis Gouda
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Civic Pollution and Its Effect on Water Quality of River Toi at District Kohat, NWFP

Zaigham Hasan, Zubair Anwar, Khalid Usman Khattak, Mazhar Islam, Rizwan Ullah Khan and Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak
Corresponding Author:   Zubair Anwar
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