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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 8)
The Influence of Rainfall on Hausa Traditional Architecture

Anselm E.O. Eneh and Ojonigu Friday Ati
Corresponding Author:   Ojonigu Friday Ati
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Ground Magnetic Data Interpretation of Ijebu-Jesa Area, Southwestern Nigeria, Using Total Component

J.S. Kayode and A.O. Adelusi
Corresponding Author:   Kayode John Stephen
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Effects of Drilling Fluid Exposure to Oil and Gas Workers Presented with Major Areas of Exposure and Exposure Indicators

E. Broni-Bediako and R. Amorin
Corresponding Author:   Eric Broni-Bediako
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The Fracture Behaviour of Fresh Bamboo Under Uniaxial Compressive Loading Condition

L. Gyansah, A.S. Akinwonmi and M. Affam
Corresponding Author:   LAWRENCE GYANSAH
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On Common Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Satisfying Integral Type Inequality

Manish Kumar Manish, Priyanka Sharma and D.B. Ojha
Corresponding Author:   Manish kumar mishra
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Indoor Radon Gas Levels in Selected Homes in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

E. Akortia, O.C. Oppon and Y. Serfor-Armah
Corresponding Author:   Eric Akortia
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Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Liver, Kidney and Meat of Beef, Mutton, Caprine and Chicken from Kasuwan Shanu Market in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State, Nigeria

J.C. Akan, F.I. Abdulrahman, O.A. Sodipo and Y.A. Chiroma
Corresponding Author:   JOSEPH C. AKAN
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Study of Residual Stress Tensors in High-Speed Milled Specimens of Aluminium Alloys Using a Method of Indent Pairs

C.A. Mammana, F.V. Díaz, A.P.M. Guidobono and R.E. Bolmaro
Corresponding Author:   Felipe Víctor Díaz
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Earth Construction and Landfill Disposal Options for Slaker Grits

G. Watkins, R. Pöykiö, H. Nurmesniemi and O. Dahl
Corresponding Author:   Risto Pöykiö
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Effect of Chemicals on Geotechnical Properties of Clay Liners: A Review

Seracettin Arasan
Corresponding Author:   Seracettin Arasan
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Some Parametric Factors Influencing Cottage Ethanol Plant

V.J. Omale, S.E. Obetta and S.V. Irtwange
Corresponding Author:   S.E. Obetta
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The Realization of a Discrete-Time Deterministic Regulator for Energy Renewable Multivariable Systems

M.S. Okundamiya and E.C. Obinabo
Corresponding Author:   OBINABO, EDWIN CHUKWUDI
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Harmonic Reduction In Five Level Inverter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

S. Leela and S.S. Dash
Corresponding Author:   S. Leela
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Empirical Model for Estimating Global Solar Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces for Selected Cities in the Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria

M.S. Okundamiya and A.N. Nzeako
Corresponding Author:   Okundamiya, Michael Stephen
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