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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 09)
Investigating New Innovations to Detect Small Salt-Water Fraction Component in Mineral Oil and Small Oil Fraction Component in Salt-Water Projects

E.R.R. Mucunguzi-Rugwebe, E.A. Hammer and Y. Kaahwa
Corresponding Author:   Eric Mucunguzi
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Joint ICA-Based Blind Detection and Parameter Assessment in DS-CDMA Systems

Mohammad Eslami, Javad Afshar Jahanshahi and Seyed Ali Ghorashi
Corresponding Author:   Javad Afshar Jahanshahi
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A Preliminary Analysis of Studentsí Problem-Posing Ability and its Relationship to Attitudes Towards Problem Solving

Effandi Zakaria and Norulbiah Ngah
Corresponding Author:   Effandi Zakaria
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Results on Integral Operator of Analytic Function Defined by Fractional Derivatives

Deepak Singh and Rajendra Kumar Sharma
Corresponding Author:   Deepak Singh
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Preliminary Investigations of the Contribution of Scatter Radiation during Calibration of TLD-100 using a Cs-137 Panoramic Source

J.K. Annkah, E.O. Darko, J.K. Amoako, G. Emi-Reynolds, M.K. Obeng and G. Royle
Corresponding Author:   James Kwame Annkah
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Optimization and Modeling of Hexavalent Chromium Removal from Aqueous Solution Via Adsorption on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Mina Gholipour, Hassan Hashemipour Rafsanjani and Ataollah Soltani Goharrizi
Corresponding Author:   Mina Gholipour
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Theoretical Study of Chemical Reaction Effects on Vertical Oscillating Plate Immersed in a Stably Stratified Fluid

Anjana Bhattacharya and R.K. Deka
Corresponding Author:   Anjana Bhattacharya
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Effect of Supplementary STATCOM Stabilizer Tuned Based on Simulated Annealing on Dynamic Stability Improvement in Electric Power System

M. Nikzad, S. Shams Shamsabad Farahani, M. Bigdeli Tabar, M. Ghasemi Naraghi and A. Javadian
Corresponding Author:   Mehdi Nikzad
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Stability Analysis of an Infectious Disease Free Equilibrium of Hepatitis B Model

A.A. Momoh, M.O. Ibrahim and B.A. Madu
Corresponding Author:   Abdulfatai Atte Momoh
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A Formal Evaluation of the Security Schemes for Wireless Networks

Shadi R. Masadeh and Nidal Turab
Corresponding Author:   Shadi Masadeh
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Development and Performance Evaluation of an Okra Drying Machine

O.K. Owolarafe, S.O. Obayopo, O. A. Amarachi, O. Babatunde and O.A. Ologunro
Corresponding Author:   Obayopo, Surajudeen Olanrewaju
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Impact Analysis of Narrow Loom Beat-up Mechanism

Nurudeen A. Raji, Andrew A. Erameh, Felix O. Ajayi and Rafiu O. Kuku
Corresponding Author:   Nurudeen Raji
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Environmental Impact of Increased Consumption of Engine Oil in the Combustion Chamber of a Spark Ignited Engine

O.S. Udeozor and A.N. Nzeako
Corresponding Author:   Ogochukwu Stephen Udeozor
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Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Applications in Flood Hazards Management: A Review

Dano Umar Lawal, Abdul-Nasir Matori, Ahmad Mustafa Hashim, Imtiaz Ahmed Chandio, Soheil Sabri, Abdul-Lateef Balogun and Haruna Ahmed Abba
Corresponding Author:   Dano Umar Lawal
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Deploying a Web Client Authentication System Using Smart Card for E-Systems

Shadi Aljawarneh, Maher debabneh, Shadi Masadeh and Abdullah Alhaj
Corresponding Author:   Shadi Aljawarneh
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Oil Palm Physical and Optical Characteristics from Two Different Planting Materials

Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hazir and Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff
Corresponding Author:   Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hazir
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Economic Assessment of Unified Power Quality Controller Operation in Joint and Separated Modes with DG Units

Y. Hoseynpoor, T. Pirzadeh Ashraf and Sh. Sajedi
Corresponding Author:   Yaser Hoseynpoor
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A Common Fixed Point Theorem with Pseudo Property in Menger Space

Hojat Allah Ebadizadeh and Hamid Reza Hagh Bayan
Corresponding Author:   Hojat Allah Ebadizadeh
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Modeling the Position Information Inaccuracy in MANET Position-Based Routing Protocols

Raed Alsaqour, Maha Abdelhaq and Tariq Abdullah
Corresponding Author:   Raed Ali Alsaqour
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Modeling the Relationship between Texture Semantics and Textile Images

Xiaohui Wang, Jia Jia, Yongxin Wang and Lianhong Cai
Corresponding Author:   Xiaohui Wang
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Models and Application of Stability Decision under Uncertain Environment

Jianhua Ma
Corresponding Author:   Jianhua Ma
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Chaotic Self-motion of a Spatial Redundant Robotic Manipulator

Zhifeng Yin and Xinfeng Ge
Corresponding Author:   Zhifeng Yin
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The Quantitative Analysis to Inferior Oil with Electronic Nose Based on Adaptive Multilayer Stochastic Resonance

Hong Men, Lei Wang and Haiping Zhang
Corresponding Author:   Hong Men
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3-D Flow Field of Cathode Design for NC Precision Electrochemical Machining Integer Impeller Based on CFD

Rui Wu, Danwen Zhang and Juan Sun
Corresponding Author:   Rui Wu
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Comparison of Detrending Methods in Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability

Liping Li, Ke Li, Changchun Liu and Chengyu Liu
Corresponding Author:   Liping Li
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Minimizing Latency During Handover Between UMTS, WiFi and WiMAX Networks

Syed Zain Raza Mehdi, Ehsan Ullah Munir, Waqas Anwar and Wasif Nasir
Corresponding Author:   Waqas Anwar
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Detecting Resource Consumption Attack over MANET using an Artificial Immune Algorithm

Maha Abdelhaq, Rosilah Hassan, Mahamod Ismail and Daud Israf
Corresponding Author:   Maha Abdelhaq
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Development of Mobile-Accessible Nutritional System to Improve Healthy Food Choices

Vladislav Vintsarevich, Gitesh Raikundalia, Michael Mathai, Andrew McAinch, Carla Battaglia and Steven Pereira
Corresponding Author:   Gitesh Raikundalia
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A Bi-Criteria Algorithm for the Simultaneous Minimization of Makespan and Number of Tardy Jobs on a Single Machine with Sequence Dependent Set-up Time

V.O. Oladokun, O.E. Charles-Owaba and F.O. Olaosebikan
Corresponding Author:   Oladokun, Victor Oluwasina
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Design of Rolling State Observers for Application to Control of Thickness and Tension in Rolling Mills

Hamid R. Koofigar and Shahab Amelian
Corresponding Author:   Hamid Reza Koofigar
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