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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 01)
Article Information:

Study of water Quality in Different Stations of Karkheh River based on Langelier and Ryzner Indices for Determining Potential Clogging of Droppers

Farhad Mirzaei, Hamzeh Ali Alizadeh and Amin Taheri-Gravand
Corresponding Author:  Amin Taheri-Garavand 

Key words:  Karkheh River, langelier index, ryzner stability index, trickle irrigation, , ,
Vol. 3 , (01): 61-66
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 April, 13 2010 May, 17 2011 January, 20

The aim of this study was carried out to determinate the Possibility of utilization of Karkheh River water for drip irrigation. Regarding climatic conditions of Iran, it is necessary to apply high efficiency irrigation methods particularly for crops with high water requirement. Clogging of droppers is the most important and serious issue that threatens a trickle irrigation system. In the present article, in order to study the potential of Karkheh River as a water source, the water quality of the river was examined in 5 stations along the river in a 30-year period. To prognosticate the potentiality of carbonate calcium sedimentation and the corrosion in the irrigation equipments, Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) and Ryzner Stability Index (RSL) were used, respectively. The results showed that, based on Wilcox diagram, the water of this river enjoys appropriate quality for agricultural purposes in most cases (with the exception of droughts). The results also showed that the LSI w as positive in all stations and it is possible that droppers clog due to carbonate calcium deposition. While, RSL was in most cases below 6.8 and there is little possibility of metal parts corrosion in trickle irrigation system. It can be recommended that, regarding limited water sources, downstream lands of this river can be irrigated through trickle irrigation systems with droppers that are less sensitive to clogging in order to prevent from chemically clogging of droppers. Finally, acid washing by collecting watering pipes and droppers in one place and injection of acid after is recommendable.
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Farhad Mirzaei, Hamzeh Ali Alizadeh and Amin Taheri-Gravand, 2011. Study of water Quality in Different Stations of Karkheh River based on Langelier and Ryzner Indices for Determining Potential Clogging of Droppers.  , 3(01): 61-66.
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