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2014 (Vol. 6, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

Effect of Enzyme Supplementation in Diet for the Growth of Channel Catfish

Shazia Erum, Rehana Kausar, Safia Ahmed, Zubair Anwar and Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak
Corresponding Author:  Shazia Erum 

Key words:  Aquaculture, cat channel fish, laccasse enzyme, , , ,
Vol. 6 , (3): 112-116
Submitted Accepted Published
October 19, 2013 October 28, 2013 May 20, 2014

Channel catfish has practically proven to be one of the species with virtually remarkable performance in fresh water pond culture. Due to better growth rate, good adaptation and acceptability towards artificial feed channel catfish was introduced to Pakistan. A study was conducted to see the role of dietary enzyme Laccasse supplementation in a diet (35% CP) on growth of fingerlings of channel catfish. For this purpose a six week nutrition study was conducted in Aquaria of Aquaculture and Fisheries program (NARC). Fish was fed a locally prepared (35% CP) diet incorporated with three different concentration of Laccasse enzyme i.e., at the rate of 1, 2 and 3 mL/kg. The dietary pellets were prepared and air dried and fed to the fish at the rate of three percent of wet body weight twice daily. Prior to the start of study fish were acclimatized for a period of two weeks on experimental diets. Weights of the fish were recorded at the start and end of trial fortnightly in between. At the end result was deduced through the data of weight gain. The results revealed that Laccasse supplemented at a concentration of 2 mL/kg has higher growth, however it is insignificant (p>0.05) with a concentration of 3 mL/kg. So addition of laccasse in higher concentration or lower concentrations serve no purpose. We concluded that further detailed studies are added to evaluate the role of laccasse enzyme in feed utilization and growth enhancement of channel catfish juveniles.
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Shazia Erum, Rehana Kausar, Safia Ahmed, Zubair Anwar and Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak, 2014. Effect of Enzyme Supplementation in Diet for the Growth of Channel Catfish.  Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 6(3): 112-116.
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