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2011 (Vol. 2, Issue: 1)
Article Information:

Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Studies of Transition Metal Complexes of N-Amino Quinolone Derivatives

R.I.H. AL-Bayati, F.R. Mahdi and A.A.H. Al-Amiery
Corresponding Author:  A.A.H. Alamiery 

Key words:  Coumarin, quinoline, transition metal (II) complex, , , ,
Vol. 2 , (1): 5-11
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 October, 30 2010 December, 02 2011 February, 10

In Iraq like most third world countries, attempts to discovered a new antibiotic drugs derived from coumarin and its metal complexes moreover develop the branch of applied in organic chemistry. Novel transition metal(II) complexes, [M(L1)2Cl2] and [M(L2)2Cl2], were synthesized from the reaction of MCl2.nH2O (M = Co, Ni, Cu) with (Z)-1-(1-(1H-indol-3-yl)ethylideneamino)quinolin-2(1H)-one (L1) or (E)-1-(2- hydroxybenzylideneamino)quinolin-2(1H)-one (L2). The ligands were obtained from coumarin. N-amino quinoline-2-one (2) has been synthesized by the reflux of coumarin (1) with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol for 12 h. The azomethines (L1, L2) were prepared from the corresponding aryl carbonyls. The synthesized compounds were and characterized by element chemical analysis, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility measurements, and spectral (electronic, and FT-IR) studies. The IR spectral data suggest the involvement of sulphur and azomethane nitrogen in coordination to the central metal ion. On the basis of spectral studies, an octahedral geometry has been assigned for all complexes. The free ligands and its metal complexes have been tested in vitro against a number of microorganisms in order to assess their antimicrobial properties.
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R.I.H. AL-Bayati, F.R. Mahdi and A.A.H. Al-Amiery, 2011. Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Studies of Transition Metal Complexes of N-Amino Quinolone Derivatives.  British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2(1): 5-11.
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