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2010 (Vol. 1, Issue: 1)
Article Information:

Production, Isolation and Characterization of Exotoxin Produced by Bacillus cereus NCIM-2156 and Bacillus licheniformis NCIM-5343

Snehal G. Kashid and Jai S. Ghosh
Corresponding Author:  Dr. J.S.Ghosh 

Key words:  Exotoxin, fibrinolysis, hemolytic, proteolytic, phospholipolytic, ,
Vol. 1 , (1): Page No: 50-55
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 May, 20 2010 June, 01 2010 June, 20

The primary objective of this investigation was to bring in lime light the importance of the exotoxin produced by B. cereus and B. licheniform is, which otherwise are overshadowed by the 2 other exotoxins of bacterila origin viz. staphylococcal and clostridial toxins. The investigation has been with 2 known and identified strains viz. B. cereus NCIM-2156 and B. licheniform is NCIM-5339 were found to be potent exotoxin producers. The organisms showed all the 3 activities like proteolytic, phospholipolytic and hemolytic. The organisms were grown on simple substrates like skimmed milk powder and egg yolk emulsion. The organisms also showed strong fibrinolytic activity on blood clots. Both the organisms are known saprophytes in an environment like soil. Therefore, foods which are not handled with proper hygienic and sanitation care have all the probability of getting contaminated with these types of organisms and will contain the potent exotoxins.
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Snehal G. Kashid and Jai S. Ghosh, 2010. Production, Isolation and Characterization of Exotoxin Produced by Bacillus cereus NCIM-2156 and Bacillus licheniformis NCIM-5343.  British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 1(1): Page No: 50-55.
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