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      ::  Animal And Veterinary Advance
      ::  Agricultural Sciences
      ::  Applied Sciences
      ::  Bone and Joint Surgery
      ::  Biological Sciences
      ::  Business Management
      ::  Clinical Nutrition
      ::  DNA Markers
      ::  Environmental and Earth Science
      ::  Engineering
      ::  Food Technology
      ::  Information Technology
      ::  Marketing
      ::  Mathematics and Statistics
      ::  Medical Sciences
      ::  Pharmacology and Toxicology
      ::  Social Sciences
   Mission Statement
The success of the Maxwell Science Publishing program is due to essential partnerships to which we are fundamentally committed. This Maxwell Science Publishing cycle of excellence is a result of the high priority we place on attracting the world's best editors, authors and reviewers. These individuals are the foundation of our program and are the key to our mission as a larger society-the advancement of the scientific research worldwide.

The peer-reviewed journals of Widenet publish cutting-edge articles across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines such as: Agricultural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Information Technology and Social Sciences. The breadth and scope of Widenet Journals is unparalleled. To support this network of esteemed scientists we have editorial, production, technical staff and journal editorial offices around the world. Recognized worldwide as a pioneer in scientific publishing, you can count on Maxwell Science Publications to deliver the most read, the most requested and the most respected scientific research.

   Call For Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS in the different fields of Sciences (Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural, Applied Sciences, Biological Sciences, Business Management, Economic Theory, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Food Sciences, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Social Sciences). Accepted original research papers would be published online and authors will be provided with printed copies.

See authors guide for manuscript preparation and submission guidel ines at here.
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